Hello, we are Eli and Rubén, two young business owners

who one day decided to carry out this wonderful project.

We hope that your stay with us is satisfactory,

and below we sum up our philosophy.


Welcome to your break! Come in and feel at home.

2.Eternal Spring

In Santa Cruz we enjoy sunshine and good weather most of the year, so bring your shorts and sun glasses!


3.City center

El Jostel is based in the centre of Santa Cruz, with all amenities nearby. Supermarkets, parks, bars, bus services, museums, squares… Just ask, we will be very happy to orientate you.

4.Good atmosphere

“Good vibes is our slogan”

5.Things to do

If you haven’t made plans for your stay, we will be more than happy to help you find suitable things to do in the island for you. Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts the second biggest Carnival in the world, although if you are not looking to party, don’t worry, we have wonderful beaches and mountains too.

6.Our breakfast

We like healthy living, that is why your accommodation includes breakfast with local and seasonal products.


7.About us

We are a team of flexible workers, just ask us for what you need and we will do our best to adapt to your needs.


We have a cloakroom available to keep your belongings on your last day, if you need it.

9.We are all travellers

Travelling alone needn’t be boring. At El Jostel you will never be alone and you will meet new people.


We love to share, which is why we have communal areas like our terrace and kitchen, where you can read a good book, or prepare your own brunch.